Kombucha! You've probably heard of it, but might not have tasted it yet. The first time we came across this magic little potion was in L.A......I mean where else! It's an ancient drink from China, and it's packed with multiple health benefits. It's sharp and vinegary in flavour, and takes a little getting used to but once you do you're hooked. There are various places that have started stocking it now so you can probably grab a bottle from your local market/shop, or better yet make your own! I've made a few batches so far, and my brother has an ongoing brew going. He suffers from arthritis, and has really noticed an improvement in aches since he's started brewing Kombucha (he has also started on a new form of medication, so says he's not sure if that's what making the difference. Maybe a combination of both. There's a lot of sceptic around the bouche,  but I personally believe in the health benefits of this little concoction, and if nothing else it's still damn tasty! To brew you own you'll need a few things to get you started, first and foremost - The SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), a slimly little sucker but that is what makes the magic happen! I got mine from Happy Kombucha. You can get lot's more information on all the ins and outs of Kombucha brewing from the world wide web. This recipe is from one of my favourite food blogs - Nourish Atelier. Enjoy the brew!